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Online Services

“We would like to express our thanks for choosing us. I am absolutely delighted with your WSSC interest.”

Syed Akramul HoqueManaging Partner of World Star Study Consultancy

WSSC is one of the pioneer online service providers in this field. The students and tourists can visit our website and be able to know about the services we provide. They can submit their academic documents, English proficiency documents, and other related documents through the online system. At the initial stage they do not need to come to our office physically rather they will fill up our form online and submit all relevant paper through the online system. They will get identification number automatically through email. We will track your document by using your mobile number and identification number. We will provide fastest services to all of you because our vision is to provide best services to our clients. Additionally, we will operate mobile based payment system. The mobile number mentioned below have Bkash account so that you can send money to these mobile number.

  • Online Document and Form Submission

  • Unique Identification Number Provided

  • Mobile Based Payment System